It all started with donkey „Gina“ at the stable of the Angst family in Stürzikon. My younger sister Gabi and my older sister Corinne tried to „train“ her. It turned out the other way round. It took us hours to move her a few yards away from the stables. When we turned around and tried to sit on her back she bucked us off and run home where the whole procedure started again. With her I learned to be patient with horses. I learned that we have to adapt to their needs and find a way to make them understand what we want them to do.

When Laura was a small child she had her own natural way to handle them. Her ponies, our two stallions and later her horses were doing what she asked them to do because of her „understanding“  them. When she started to compete at the age of 12 as a member oft he Swiss pony team she needed the goodwill and support of her friends to succeed. Even now when she is riding the big classes she can count on them.

Our common pleasure is to produce young horses from our clients and the offspring of our own bread horses. Laura road their mothers and  fathers and we know their family roots. We give „the babies“ confidence, pleasure and pride in small classes to be ready one day to jump the  big fences without worries. Thomas Ryan prepares them for the most demanding step in their careers. He introduces them to the International level of  show jumping. He can count on partners in trust.