Peelbergen was an exciting show for many reasons. Haifa OL and Vigo Cruz, the two new horses from Chloé Uffenheimer arrived from Greg Broderick’s Ballypatrick stable directly to the showground at Peelbergen on July 16th. They travelled well and still were exhausted after the long journey.

Tori’s family gathered at this show. Her grandparents flew in from the US, Jeff sister from Honduras and of course Amy and Jeff – everybody flew in to watch Tori.

They were highly rewarded by brilliant results from her. She rode JJ and Muffin in these technical courses resisting the pressure and expectations we all had. Placed 3rd with Muffin and beating herself with JJ on 4th place on Saturday she continued her flow on Sunday in the small GP with a clear round on JJ being placed 6th after the jump off.

Chloé enjoyed sharing the time with her new horses. She did some training on the show ground and was pleased that they were reacting the same as when she tried them in Ireland. Taking them around in the fields on the green jumping arena, around ponds and up and down the small hills she took her time to get to know them – as usual with a smile on her face.

Laura’s horses Tamina, Clarence and Mortimer showed good rounds. She rode them in more demanding classes, some on the grass arena for the first time. They adjusted well to the new heights but had to be ridden more aggressively to fulfill the allowed time.

With Heini and Eemeli, our „old“ groom team supporting us these days felt like holidays.

We are well prepared to take the challenge at Longines Tops International Arena next week