Arriving early in the morning from Cervia made it easier to settle in at the show.

The question is – does it make sense to go to a show where you have to drive through the tight roads of the city, up the hill on narrow streets, park the truck on a tiny spot on the show ground?

The answer is – yes it does. The friendly atmosphere, the well-kept grass arena and of course the best Mojito pay back for it.

Kaya Vinci was showing Bounty. Following Laura’s advice „hold“ and „kick“ Kaya was placed on Sunday.

Laura rode Clarence, Tamina, Uri and Aarhof’s Casanova. They all were in great form being placed in hardly each class. Especially the grey duo were eye catcher at the show. Clarence, 4th in the 140cm class on Friday jumped a pleasent round in the 145cm Grand Prix on Sunday.

To overlook the „Costa dei Fiori“, the blue sky, the breeze coming from the sea and the show ground surrounded by flowers make his place unique.