Azelhof in Belgium has a perfect infrastructure, a good restaurant overlooking the arenas and friendly, helpful staff to make life enjoyable for horses and riders.

Chloé Uffenheimer rode Aarhof’s Casanova and Laura her younger horses, Olun and Mortimer as well as Tamina.

We arrived tired after a long drive. The horses were fresh. Heini was longing Olun when he bocked crazy and touched her. She was brought to the hospital for examination. After a long time waiting we were relieved when she came out still having pains but no injuries.

The courses in Belgium are demanding adjusted to the quality of the riders and the horses.

We all had to find the right approach to this challenging set up. Tamina was frightened by the video screen showing foals galloping aside of their mothers that were advertised for the foal auction on Saturday evening. Chloé and Casanova were facing technical courses and the Belgium version of 1.15 cm fences.

Mortimer and Olun were inspired by all what was going on. No worries for them to perform under these circumstances.

We enjoyed catching up with „petit Bruno“ (Bruno Martins Costa) who trained with us for four yours during his schooldays and now is riding for Marlon Modolo Zanotelli’s stables.

We all look forward to return to the show in Lier this autumn facing the next challenge.