We left windy, grey Switzerland and arrived with warm sunny spring weather in Gorla Minore.

Christina Savaris and Magdalina Wenger had their first start in the season.

For Christina who had worked hard over the winter time this was the perfect event. She and her two horses Lissadell and Extazy have become strong teams. They visibly enjoyed their comeback after the winter break performing at their best. On Sunday Christina and Lissadell showed their first1.25 cm class. How exciting it was to see them delivering a well ridden clear round.

Mali’s work load at her farm reduced her performance to only one start. Lollipop’s freshness gave her a hard time to keep him under control. She did well and stayed clear.

Laura rode Ulin, Muffin and Tamina. After the warmup in San Giovanni they are back on track. On Sunday Tamina jumped her first 1.40 class after her good results from the days before. She was clear and placed 10th.

Nadine Deville-Geisser and Chiara Savaris came to Gorla Minore to support the team. We shared successful moments at the show and relaxing times at dinner.

Again Heini did a great job to keep the horses in shape. Everybody left happy – ready to go to Cervia and Arezzo.