It’s „heaven on earth“ for horses and riders. To compete in Valkenswaard has all the amenities you can dream of.

The stables ready to move in the horses, the help to unload the truck, the ordering of hay and shaving and above all the hearty welcome wherever you go. On top the „happy place“ as Amy Rowe calls it: the VIP table with the excellent Chef that spoiled us with Italian delicacies throughout the days.

Our riders, Chloé Uffenheimer, Tori Rowe and Laura motivated to participate at this fantastic event presented their horses in great form:

With Clarence placed 15th in the 135 class we started well followed by Tori placed 7th with Muffin and 11th with JJ in 115 class, Tamina placed 13th in the 1.35 and Mortimer jumping clear in his first 125 classes.

Chloé used the event to get to know her two new horses Haifa OL and Vigo Cruz. She warmed up and did a few jumps. She was getting on well, prepared for the shows to come.

On Sunday Laura was placed 14th with Clarence.

In the small GP Tori was clear in the first round along with another 20 competitors. She had to take all risks, turn fast to be in the ribbons. JJ and her did take the challenge and finished 7th!

Our thanks go to Heini and Eemeli who took great care of our horses.

No doubt that this event we will be on our show pan for next year!