Back in Bedizzole. This time with the three girls:

Kaya Vinci, Christina Savaris and Tori Rowe

as well as Chloé Uffenheimer and Laura

Everything looked the same but the course builder had changed. He loved to build courses with tight turns, broken lines and short times to complete the courses.

New challenge for riders and horses.

Kaya Vinci had a good start on Mission Zero. They fought their way through the jungle of jumps.

Christina Savaris rode at her best. Lissadell was not impressed by the difficulties they had to face. What a team they have become!

Tori Rowe coming back from the US had to find the key to this adventure. JJ and Muffin were highly motivated. The second week Tori found her confidence riding these tricky courses and was placed 2nd 6th and 4th.

Laura had good rounds on Clarence who is back in business. Olin was placed 5th and 9th in the small GP.

Casanova had to be shown to Ugo Carozza the vet. He was unsecure in his jumping. Ugo saw that the plastic pads between the irons had to be removed. Casanova was relieved but still afraid that the pains might reappear.

The team had great support from Chloé’s sister Emely who came to visit us from the US. Being involved strongly into horse herself she gave advice on things that we might have overlooked seeing the horses every day. David, Chloé’s husband, our man for all cases brought water, Prosecco when needed as it was extremely hot. Bruno Kalt joined us the first week to celebrate his birthday.

Aside of competing, the girls and the „Chloé family“ enjoyed the days at the peaceful Eremus hotel.

The course designer’s specialties could not destroy the fun the girls and us had during the two (holiday-) weeks.