Let’s call it our „stable festival“. Most riders were present:

Magdalina Wenger and her friend Mara, Christina Savaris, Chloé Uffenheimer, Tori Rowe, Milla Frey, Laura – only missing Kaya Vinci who spent her holidays in Tuscany and Liv-Helen Lang who’s horse is injured.

We startet off well:

Milla Frey on Quin winning her first class and received the „white ribbon“ followed by Christina Savaris on Lissadelle with another win.

Magdalena Wenger placed 4th  with Lolli, Chloé placed 10th and 13th with Vigo Cruz, Laura placed 6th with Olun and so many more.

Bruno Kalt helped us in the warm up, moms and dads as well as visitors, David Uffenheimer, Nadine and Serge Deville, Rachèle and her mom, came to share these precious moments.

The weather was better than expected. We all enjoyed these days with family and friends supporting our team at this extraordinary venue on the polo field in St. Moritz.