In September Cervia is the perfect place to compete and enjoy some last sunny days.

They horses competed in the afternoon – long mornings to stay at the beach.

Tori Rowe took the chance to try a new bit on Muffin which worked very well. With JJ the plan was to train tight turns as in a jump off.

Laura rode her young horse Master CH. He jumped from 90 to 100 cm and improved each round to the great pleasure of Heini who rides him at home. Casanova was clear on Friday and Saturday. He deserved a day off on Sunday.

Tori had a great last show, being placed 2nd and 3rd before the winter break.

We were sorry to leave on Sunday evening and say goodbye to the summer feeling.

Driving back was hard and long. Traffic in Italy delayed our arrival at the border by 1 1/ 2 hours. Since the Gotthard tunnel was closed Laura had to drive over the San Bernardino which added another 2 hours to our journey.

We arrived home- sweet home. Late but happy.