Alicia Stein had all horses ready for an early start to travel to Arezzo trying to avoid the Easter traffic.

The trucks were loaded with Tori’s horses JJ and Muffin and Laura’s horses BP Casablanca, Miss Pippa, Mortimer and Tamina.

After the first week of jumping with good results we asked John Oesterdahl, our friend and vet from Sweden to check all the horses. The second week they were on a wellness vacation since they did not jump after treatment.

The exception were the two Irish, JJ and BP Casablanca and Muffin

JJ jumping his first 1.25 cm class with Tori. BP Casablanca his first 130 cm with Laura. and Muffin, smoothly ridden by Tori two clear rounds.

Not only had the horses felt like on vacation. Also the „entourage“ enjoyed the pasta, vine and spring feelings. Time to chat at diners with our friends Daniela and Luigi Baleri, Michel and Milla Frey, Nadine Deville-Geisser, Bruno Kalt and Jeff and Amy Rowe.

Happy and motivated for the upcoming shows!