Sunny days in a spectacular mountain scene welcomed us on the Polo field in St. Moritz.

Kaya Vinci returned from Tuscany joining the team last minute consisting of Nadine Deville, Christina Savaris, Magdalina Wenger and Laura.

The riders were helped by Bruno Kalt coaching several horses in the same classes.

They all had a good start. Unfortunately Calito de Thieusies from Nadine Deville and „Lollipop“ from Magdalina Wenger had to be withdrawn because of small injuries.

Kaya Vinci earned a special applause because of a stunning balance act not to fall from Bounty. Aside of this she showed harmonic rounds.

Magdalina Wenger and „Schoggi“ are a well-trained team. No worries to fulfill their expectations.

Christina Savaris and her two horses Lissadell and Extazy d’Yvmane progressed from 1.10 to 1.20 cm classes. Clear with both horses in the 1.20 cm!

Laura rode five year old Mortimer „hors concours“. He seemed to enjoy the „big show“ in the mountains. Mission Zero tried hard to compensate the weakness of his back.

Bruno Kalt’s Uri was placed all three days „walking“ over the 1.20 m course as well as Quite Pantina who performed well at her 2nd horse show.

Farris and Alex, two ambitious riding students from CASTLE STABLES came to visit

us in St. Moritz.

We shared a great time on the showground as well as at the diner at „La Scarpetta“, 

Italian pasta restaurant in St. Moritz.