Blue sky and sunshine have lend wings to our team consisting of Magdalina Wenger and Laura Aschwandento to perform at their best.

Magdalen Umbricht:
Her old companion „Schoggi“ as well as her new horse „Muffin“ showed great motivation
being placed 1 st , 2 times second and 2 times third. Congratulations Mali. Your hard training at
home has proven successful.

Laura Aschwanden:

Her two six year old horses „Cloud Zero“ and „Casanova“ performing for the first time abroad
at such an event. After three weeks of jumping they became secure and stable in their
performance and have shown their quality.
„Ellis“ Laura’s new mare with little experience has developed well over the three weeks. She
has fulfilled her expectations being a top horse in the future.
„Clarence“ fully motivated to perform up to 1.40 m classes has shown scope and
carefulness. He is ready for the big sport.