Munich is one of the highlight of our show jumping calendar.
What a challenge for our two young riders, Christina Savaris and Tori Rowe to compete along with famous riders in front of hundreds of spectators surrounding the grass arena welcoming all riders with enthusiasm.
Conditions were perfect. Good weather and ground.
Christina who has been here last year felt confident to ride the Large Tour on Friday (1.35). Being placed 11 th she repeated the big tour on Saturday being placed 14 th . On Sunday she decided to ride the Medium Tour (1.25) being place again 11 th . Lissadell has shown her quality and Christina how much her riding has improved. What a great team they have built up.
Tori competing on Friday in the Small Tour (1.15), completely new to the German system, did not hear the starting bell ring. She circled around waiting to start unaware that the time started to count. Because of the late start she accumulated time faults while riding a lovely clear round. Next day riding the Small Tour again she was clear and placed 8 th. She earned her first ribbon in Munich on her first experience in Munich. Sunday she challenged the
Medium Tour (1.25). She rode one jump again instead of continuing her course. All part of a learning process.
Laura was very proud of her students. Well done Christina and Tori!
Laura’s horses Clarence and Tamina were not in condition to be competitive in the CSI1*. Time to analyse saddle and health issues.
We all had a great time in and around the showground. Time shopping and for Tori’s family to try the famous „Weisswürstel“; with „Bretzel“ with the sweet Bavarian mustard.
Alexandra, Christina’s mom and her family with Martina came to support the team.
They were highly rewarded by the performance of our two young lady riders on their way up to success.