Successful weekend not only for the showjumpers but also for the «reiners» at castle stable: Stephie Hasler and Holly (Colonels Black Pearl) were competing in the discipline Reining at the NRHA 3-Nations-Show at the Horse Academy in Mooslargue (France). After a 3-year-baby-break (of the horse, not the riderJ) they came back into the reiningarena, competing in the professional level «limited open» and reached – with a very good score of 70.5 – the 3. Place!


For the non-reiners here some information about this western-discipline:

also called the royal discipline of all western riding disciplines. Since 2002 reining is acknowledged by the FEI as an official discipline. Reining has ist origins in the early westamerican ranch work where a one-handed-guidable and responsible horse with quick movements was absolutely nescessary. To control the cattle, movements like stops and turns were needed. Over the time, these movements developed more and more into independent maneuvers, wheras today, they build the heart of reining. One of the founders of the discipline reining, Jim willoughby, defined reining as followed:
«To rein a horse ist not only to guide him, but also to control his every movement. The best reined horse should be willingly guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely» à minimal signals with maximal control. Deviations of the given pattern mean a lack of control and will be punished with penalties. Credits on the other hand will be given for smoothness, elegance, appearance, speed and style. In the show, horse and rider have to perform one out of 13 pattern in which the order of the expected maneuvers are defined.


  • Sliding stopp with rollback to the left
  • Sliding stopp with rollback to the right
  • Sliding stopp with backup
  • Sliding stopp with hesitation
  • 4 spins to the left
  • 4 spins to the right
  • 3 circles to the left (2 fast and big, 1 slow and small with a visible speed control)
  • 3 circles to the right (2 fast and big, 1 slow and small with a visible speed control)
  • 1 lead change to the left
  • 1 lead change to the right

It starts with a score of 70 (nobody knows why 70 J). Every single maneuver is scored seperately. A correct, exact and smooth maneuver is 0. For extra speed and risk without visible impact of the rider, extra points can be given (+ ½, +1, + 1 ½). For poor maneuvers points can also be reduced (- ½, -1, – 1 ½). Additional penalties will be given for faults of the pattern (trott instead of lope, wrong-hand-lope, overturn/underturn…)

National Reining Horse Association (there are affiliates in every country, NRHA Switzerland counts about 300 members)

Horse Academy:
One of the most professional show- and trainingfacility in europe, located in alsace, France and owned and run by swiss people. Two self employed reining trainers are working at the Horse Academy, one of them is the canadian trainer Morey Fisk, world no 2 in 2018 (Stephie was working as his co-trainer in the years 2014 and 2015). The NRHA conducts around 8 to 10 reining shows a year at the Horse Academy where riders from all over europe are competing.


Open (professional riders) Non Pro (non professional riders)
  Greener than Grass/Green Reiner  up to 100$ Lifetime-Earnings (LTE)
Rookie professional up to 2500$ LTE

Rookie I up to 500$ LTE

Rookie II up to 1500$ LTE

Limited Open up to 10’000$ LTE Limited Non Pro up to 10’000$ LTE
Intermediate Open up to 18’000$ LTE Intermediate Non Pro up to 15’000 $ LTE
Open unlimited Non Pro unlimited