Having won the qualifying in Härkingen Lilly and Pucca were allowed to attend the final of the Regional Organization ZKV in Interlaken.

Without expectations but proud and happy to compete against 10 more competitors Lilly and Pucca started at this sunny „day of the youth“.

Lilly won the gold medal with a score of 83.28%! We congratulate her and her family who highly supported Lily to achieve this fantastic result. We are proud to have contributed to her success.


The next challenge for Lilly and Pucca was the final of all Regional Organizations of the ZKV in Bern.

The atmosphere in Bern was amazing. 14 competitors had to show their riding skills during 40 minutes. Lilli and Pucca were by far the „smallest“ of them. A lot of sitting trot, figure riding followed by the critical eyes of the judges..

Lilli’s effort was highly honored. She was placed second with a score of 92.66% winning the silver medal. Congratulations Lilly and Pucca!

We look forward to a successful new season for both of them.