Arezzo is the place to be at this time of the year. Having done the reservations for Hotel and boxes in December 2022 we had a long time to look forward to competing here.

Even though the travelling for horses and riders before the Eastern break was challenging. We all made it: Chloé on her own, the Rowe family with a stop in Bologna, Savaris in the middle of the night and Kaya and Christina with us with the horses. We arrived just in time to pass the veterinarian temperature check to bring the horses into their boxes. Magdalina and her husband arrived one day earlier and had hay and straw ready for us.

Knowing that Laura needed support to coach the whole group we asked Bruno Kalt to join us. He was highly needed in the warm up. In some classes we had 5 riders starting in the order of 2,3,4,5,6 one after the other. Bruno had the situation under control as the results show:

Christina winning the Junior Class and placed twice 3rd with Extazy and riding her first 1.30 class on Lissadell with only one pole down.

Mali second on Lollipop

Kaya riding Mission Zero for the first time at a show finished her week with a splendid round.

Tori and Muffin twice 6th and twice clear on JJ.

Chloé 5th with Casanova and riding her first 1.15 class with just one pole down.

Laura with Olun and Mortimer always clear and with Tamina less fortunate the last day on the last jump.

Thanks to our hard working Finns, Heini and Eemeli who supported us to make this possible.

To relax between the first and the second week they all had fun cantering on the big grass arena and have the horses in good spirit for the week ahead of them.

The second week continued with good results:

Tori winning twice the children class with Muffin and once ending 4th.

Expensive win since Tori celebrated her 14th birthday at the same day. We were all invited to celebrate and her winning the „Copa“. With JJ she finished 5th in the CSI1* plus clear in her first 120 cm class.

Christina being twice clear at her first 130 cm classes with Lissadell.

Kaya finishing 9th and 5th with Mission Zero.

Chloé and Casanova good as always – a bit tired towards the end.

Laura showed Tamina in the grass ring in the 140 class, Olun in the 120 cm finishing 5th and Mortimer in the 115 cm – all one step up from the week before and performing well.

The weather was not as sunny as usual. The fun to compete and the results however compensated the rainy, windy moments.

We keep good memories from Arezzo and look forward to going to Cervia as our next destination.