After two years Pferd Inernational München was back as a get to together for young and old. Restaurants, shops and bars surrounding the grass arena were accessible for the public again.

Each rider entering the arena is welcomed with the cheers of the crowd.

Nora Elsayed competed on her two horses Jamal and Action Aimee. They both adapted well to the grass arena. She challenged to ride the 1.40 with Action Aimee and the 1.30 with Jamal. Nora found good rhythm and finished her rounds successfully.

Christina Savaris and her horse Exstazy started in the 1.15 moving up to the 1.25 classes. They visibly enjoyed to jump in the famous Olympic arena of Munich. Her riding confirmed continuous improvement each round.

Laura rode Muffin and Clarence in the CSI1*. Muffin was placed 6th in a 1.35 class and Clarence clear in 1.40.

As a special guest we hosted Milla Frey. Aside of helping Oona with the stable work she joined Magdalina Wenger and her husband on a shopping tour. Tamina needed a head color, a lead rope and for her they found pink riding pants (being guided by Mali) and the fitting gloves.

Four sunny days ended with a thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon. The water flooded our tent. Oona maneuvered the truck out of the mud before it got worse. We left earlier than planned to go home – sweet home.