From Ermelo it is a short drive to arrive in Peelbergen. The horses were quickly installed, ready for the next challenge.

We had to compete against well-known riders from all over the world completing the technical and demanding courses built for that reason.

Tori and her horses became consistent in the last shows. She felt confident to jump the 125 cm class with JJ on Saturday. We all were excited to see her riding these big fences staying clear to the last jump. It did not matter that this last fence fell. It felt like jumping the GP with one down.

The superstar of the two weeks in Ermelo and Peelbergen was Miss Pippa. She successfully completed six rounds without a mistake.

Tamina jumping the 140 classes, Casablanca the 120 and Mortimer the 130 Laura’s horses showed their quality.

Again Anne-Laure Vincent took great care of the horses – driving and preparing them for the ring.

To our great pleasure we met „Petit Bruno“ (Bruno Martins Costa) who won the small GP and was placed 11th in the 145 GP.

Competing so successfully in the Netherlands reflects the daily work we do at home.