Going to an international show, brings a lot of preparation with it. First getting everything ready for the riders and their horses, loading all the material into the tuck as well as the horses and driving to the show.

At the show it needs a lot of concentration and focus of the riders to let them perform their very best. Emily-Sophie Negele and Svea Tegnested are our two best examples. They look at their courses carefully and make a plan with their trainer Laura. For each horse they need a different plan and if they ride more than one horse, like Emily-Sophie, it is a challenge to switch between the horses. 

After the warm up they go through their course again and get ready to perform. In the arena Emily-Sophie and Svea always give their very best and try to achieve a clear round. 

At the end of a course, when they come out of the arena, the horses get their well earned treats and the round is discussed with the trainer. 

Emily-Sophie Negele was placed 8th with her mare Doutzen and 12th with her gelding Florida.

Svea Tegnestedt was placed 6th and 11th with her gelding Clintamo.