It’s not easy to find the Haras de Jardy because of the height restrictions for trucks. Oona travelled up and down highways A12/A13 to finally reach a roundabout overlooking Paris with the view on the Eiffel Tower.

The hearty welcome at the show and the successful days in Jardy compensated the tricky arrival.

In spite of some rainy spots the moral of the team did not suffer.

Having had clear rounds with Lissadell Cristina Savaris tempted to ride her in the Sunday Grand Prix, her first 125m class. Having to cope with a cold and feeling slightly sick she rode at her best showing her improvements as a rider and the quality of the horse.

Laura was pleased with the performance of her horses. Tamina being placed 6th and 4th, Cadenz 2nd and 4th and Aarhof’s Casanova 6th.

To our pleasure Chiara Savaris joined us to help her sister and her mom. We all turned home with good memories of the show at the Haras de Jardy.