The CSI*** Ermelo is hold at the „Nationaal Hippisch Centrum“ of the Netherland. The structures are built in the heart of a 10’500 hectares national park. The perfect place for a venue like this.

The horses felt at ease surrounded by the green fields and trees. Pressure was on as there were the best riders from the Netherlands coming to the show.

Tori Rowe could count on her Irish horse JJ who was not impressed by the big fences. He was jumping clear the 115 cm class the same as the 125 cm. Tori had an excellent round on Saturday facing the Netherlandish 125 cm classes which in Italy would be 130 cm.

Jeff Rowe’s Miss Pippa was the star of this event. She was placed twice 5th receiving the most beautiful ribbons we were trying to catch.

Mortimer and Casablanca followed the successful path staying clear in the 125 cm classes as well as Tamina clear in the 140 cm.

Anne-Laure Vincent did a perfect job preparing horses and riders to be ready on time to the classes. She worked hard for the set up to these successful days.

We stayed at the premises of the showground for the next four days until leaving to Peelbergen. A well-deserved relaxing time for horses and riders to hack in the natural park enjoying nature and the sunshine.