We all looked forward to this event in Tuscany.

Kaya Vinci had to achieve her R-license to be able to compete in Arezzo. She passed her test on April the 2nd showing her talent to perform under pressure.

A number of family members showed up to support our team. Oona’s mom Päivi came to help us preparing the horses. Nora’s family with their children joined in as well as Juliet and Alessio Vinci with Jamie and René and Alexandra Savaris with Chiara.

They were rewarded with excellent results:

Magdalina Wenger winning a class and being placed 3rd in another.

Nora Elsayed with her new mount „Jamal“ winning and being 3rd on Action Aimee.

Christina Savaris at her first International show with the Castle Stables team completed great rounds with good placings.

Laura’s horses, Clarence, Muffin, Casanova and Uri were warming up for the shows ahead of us.

Kaya Vinci was challenged having to compete at the new height moving up from 90 cm to 110 cm classes. The goal was to produce one placement to get the promised new boots. She made it!

We all felt sorry for Nadine Deville who travelled three times back and forth to Zürich from Arezzo. „Mo“ her husband’s dog got ill. He and even more her husband needed her support.

All in all it was a great start into a promising season.