The setting of the 64th International Fürst Joachim zu Fürstenberg Memorial Horse Show in the palace gardens of Donaueschingen has its own charm. We are proud that we were accepted at one of the most traditional horse events in Germany.

Magdalina Wenger with ARD Luster and Caotino (Lollipop and Schoggi) enjoyed the sunny days galloping successfully among the trees over the green lawn of Donaueschingen.

Laura’s performance was rewarded with a 5th place with Cadenz (Muffin) and a 4th place with Clarence V in the final 1.40 class on Sunday.

Great support she received from Heinz and Corinne Geisser with Nadine and Michel Frey with Milla who came to Donaueschingen to watch the class on Sunday. They were helpful to pack and drag the heavy material to the horse truck. Thank you all!