The star of the show was Lily Tegnestedt showing fluent rounds with Cloud Zero and winning the last class on her pony JK Happily ever after. She jumped into the heart of the spectators and of the jury members.

After the „Corona break“ the show went on in the Engadin at the unique show ground of the Polofield from St. Moritz.

The fantastic weather has provided perfect conditions for our seven riders competing thirteen horses.

They enjoyed the setting and rode successful. Laura was helped in the warm-up by our co-trainer Bruno Kalt.


Clear round after clear round were produces by:

Liv-Helen Lang with Larimosa (better known as Baby)

Magdalena Wenger riding „Schoggi“ and „Muffin“

Lily Tegnestedt with Cloud Zero and JK Happily ever after

Svea Tegnestedt with H.Emeralda and Clintamo

Alessia Beilhardt showing Mission Zero at his first four day event

Nadine Geisser performing with Calito

Laura Aschwanden riding Clarence, Aarhof’s Casanova and Ellis B.