The National Show in Cervia is the season start for Kaya Vinci with Bounty and Rachèle Moser with Quinta.

Like clockwork they performed clear round after clear round, Rachèle being placed each time and Kaya finishing 3rd last day with an Italien „coppa“ in her hands.

Nora El Sayed and Laura had to compete „hors concours“ as their licence would not allow them to ride the National classes.

Nora rode her first 1.25 cm class with „Action Aimee“ staying clear. Ready to go Arezzo!

Our youngster „Mortimer“ had his first appearance at a horse show. He enjoyed the atmosphere and the challenge in the ring. Laura was pleased with his performance as well as the rounds of Mission Zero and Uri.

Cervia is the perfect place to enjoy riding without pressure – preparing riders and horses for the many shows to come.