After rainy days our two trucks left Switzerland passing a snow storm towards the St. Gotthard. Leaving the tunnel the sun and blue sky welcomed us in the Ticino. On board were our drivers Michel Frey, Anne-Laure Vincent and Laura as well as Milla Frey and Alicia Stein. Loaded we had Tori Rowe’s horses JJ and Muffin, Casatoki and Contharga our two 5 year old horses, Master as well as Clarence and Quin.

We had a challenging program in Pisa showing our two youngsters for the first time plus Milla with her debut performance on Clarence.

The first two days Laura had to figure out how to ride Casatoki and Contharga. Clarence obviously enjoyed the light weight of Milla. He was fresh and full of energy. The third day we had all under control. We were rewarded by a well ridden clear round of Milla on Clarence as well as of Casatoki and Contharga.

Quin did his job as usual. Performing clear all three days plus one clear round with Clarence made Milla win three gold medals.

Tori rode the „big“ 120 cm classes with JJ with great overview finishing clear on Sunday in the jump off. Muffin did not feel at ease with the deep ground. She enjoyed galloping the race track to get ready for the upcoming shows in the Netherlands.

Alicia started off with her stylish hunter rounds and finished with smooth show jumping. Master happy to follow this new regime.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Italian hospitality, the scenery of the Alps and the sea combined with sunshine and blue sky.